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The Morning Spew’s First Contest! Help Ben & Jerry Name A New Occupy Wall Street Ice Cream Flavor!

October 10th, 2011 109 comments



As I posted earlier today,  not unsurprisingly, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has offered their corporate backing to the Wall Street Protests.   When we first learned of this, the Spew Crew knew that we had the makings of a delicious contest! 

So here goes!

Come up with a name for a new Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor to honor the Wall Street slugs….. er…. protesters!  Winner gets a Morning Spew post in their honor with their winning flavor noted AND some other prize.  We are not sure what that other prize is, yet, but we are good for it!

So don’t be shy!  Put your Occupy Wall Street Flavor entries in the comments section!  You can thumb up your favorites, but the Spew Crew’s own Fester Boyle will judge the contest.

Contest will run until 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday!

Wall Street Protester Takes Dump On Police Car

October 8th, 2011 1 comment


This is from The Daily Mail. uk  via our friends at Wake Up America.   The Daily Mail deemed some of their other pictures too graphic to publish.  Which says a  lot!


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October 7th, 2011 12 comments


The Morning Spew has just received these touching photo testimonies from several of the so-named One Percenters, and wanted to make sure our Spew readers were the first have access to these heartfelt personal stories. 

We invite all of our readers to submit their own stories and pictures of how they became a part of the so-called One Percent.  We will do our best to post your stories to let the world know the true stories of The One Percenters.  

Please email you submissions to   Be sure to include how you would like us to credit your submission.



Wall Street Protesters Hold Memorial Service For Noted Capitalist Steve Jobs

October 6th, 2011 3 comments


Ode to the Wall Street Protesters, by Penny Thawtz

October 4th, 2011 7 comments



Ode to the Wall Street Protesters

By Penny Thawtz


Deep in the heart of Manhattan,

On the street the founders named Wall,

An army of losers has gathered,

Demanding our money for all.


“Look!” they cried as they marched,

“We haven’t worked for a dime,

But that doesn’t mean we’re not worth it,

Your productiveness is the real crime!”


“The rich are the problem,” they bellow,

“They hog it for all themselves.”

“Why should they keep their money,

When we could spend it so well?”


And so they marched through the streets,

Chanting and calling us names,

With calls for mayhem and violence,

They seemed to enjoy their memes.


Now, the Hollywood blowhards were worried,

They were comping the pizzas in droves,

“It’s not our obscene wealth which you protest,

But perhaps it should be Karl Rove’s.”


The fat one, the Yoko, and the beheader,

Encouraged and egged them on,

That was merely a diversionary tactic,

To keep them off THEIR own lawn.


And the one with the pendulous breastusus,

Claimed she only came to learn more.

So she mingled a short time with their leaders,

Then jetted off to Italy’s shore.


“The rich are the ones we are after, “

They reassured the celebrity libs,

“The millions you hoard don’t matter,

The capitalists, THEY are the PIGS!”


With I-pads and cell phones and bank cards,

Starbucks and Whole Foods, too,

They tweeted and blogged to the world,

The wonders they were going to do.


And so this nonsense they’ll continue,

All zombied and smelling quite ripe.

But they’re not quite sure how to end this,

Causing Mommy and Daddy to gripe.


The cost of your little excursion, they cry,

Is beginning to drain their cash.

They’ll have to sell off their Exxon,

Or swipe from your college stash.


Come home little darling, Mom texted,

For your plan has really not worked,

Wall Street’s still great and it’s thriving,

And to the world you’re still a BIG JERK.