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Occupy Wall Street Website of Tears Continues to Impress

March 28th, 2012 1 comment

All new stories from our ongoing  Wall Street Website of Tears feature.  All stories and pictures are from “We Are the 99 Percent” blog. 

If you know of a shoulder who’s looking to hire, this OWSer would make a great chip:


I’m a 26 year old college educated woman whose luxuries are my second-hand 1999 Ford Taurus, my 1 year old cat, and my 40 year old boyfriend who also lives paycheck to paycheck.

Growing up with not a lot of money since childhood, I looked forward to the finer things in life like money and college. I spent 4 years earning an associate degree in broadcasting (paid by the state) which did not get me a job in radio or TV. All the commercial TV stations in my city of Peoria have consolidated and seem to prefer Big Ten and Missouri Valley Athletic Conference grads. So I went 2 years earning by bachelor in business administration (paid by loans at a small private college) which I do not regret despite I can’t get a job as an administrative assistant due to “lack of experience”. I live paycheck to paycheck as a temp at a Catholic hospital, donate plasma, and go can collecting to make ends meet.

I’ve worked jobs through federal work-study, seasonal, and temporary since college and once in my life was laid off after the economy took a crap. The hospital won’t hire me on saying “come back when you have a more stable work history”. The IRS ripped me off on my 2011 taxes because my past employer (a call center for Verizon Telecom) must have fucked up my W-4. I only have $1,000 in savings and am planning to get out of Peoria in search of better opportunities. I only have over-the-air television, eat beans & rice every weekend, and do not need an expensive cell phone plan. I haven’t been able to take an actual vacation because of bills and $22,000 student loan debt and even though I have a job and donate plasma, it’s not enough.

This comes to my conclusion: Why do the rich and the well-off get to have all the fun and benefits while people like me and my boyfriend have to suffer? Employers should NOT hire people based on what college they attended and how are people supposed to get experience when companies won’t give them a chance? In addition I still haven’t gotten over missing our California trip in 2010 despite US Airways refunded our return ticket money. My boyfriend’s well-off parents live there and we were supposed to see them. Nowadays it seems his father doesn’t want our presence because we’re not married with children or have a ton of money or something (BTW he wasgoing to help pay for our visit too). With the way America is going, I’m not sure if I should become a momma someday; maybe instead raise unwanted dogs and cats. Yes I am jealous, insecure, bitchy, and pissed off because America thinks the poor are freeloaders wanting a handout or are a bunch of marijuana smoking hippies who live in their parent’s basement. That’s bullshit! I have a job, I have two college degrees, I am a jack of all trades, and I don’t want to be typecast in Peoria anymore as “That woman who bothered her local CBS affiliate in attempt to get a job there.”

My boyfriend and I are the 99% and I demand change.


Is is just me or is she on the wrong website?  To me, this OWSer sounds confused and seems  like the Tea Party would be a better fit:


I am an 18 year old working political science/art student. I live with my parents in a modest home and my brother is in the army. My dad was fired over a year ago and has submitted hundreds of applications, but still can’t find work. My mom works 7am-7pm Monday-Friday and makes around $90,000 a year. We can’t afford medical/dental insurance. We have almost been kicked out of our home. We can’t pay our bills. I don’t qualify for any financial aid because of my moms income. To keep our home my parents have to keep taking out loans against my moms retirement fund. We are being taxed to death because people think we are the 1%, but we aren’t.

I am the 99%,



First of all, let me say this: This OWSer creature below frightens me. Not sure what those things with the eyes are supposed to be.  Secondly, this OWSer comic wreaks of the same BS that Sandra Fluke’s $3,000.00  birth control pill story did.  Some of the most effective treatments for bi-polar disorder are cheap and have been in use for years.  Generics abound and if money is an issue, your doctor or clinic will help you get the medication you need.  So I call BS on this story.  My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from mental illness.  It is a difficult condition and can be hard to treat, but to use a political/social agenda to attempt to frighten people into agreeing with your agenda is disgusting.


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