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Occupy Wall Street Website Of Tears Becoming More Hilarious

October 21st, 2011 10 comments

 The stories are getting more ridiculous and pathetic.  Just a little attempt personal responsibility would be nice.  If you crave more of these tales of woe, check out our other post here

Five kids? Five kids?? No shoes??? Is this what they mean by "barefoot and pregnant?"What about baby-daddies? Oh yeah, and how'd you afford that Sharpie, computer and camera?


In all honesty, you are probably still better off than you were in whatever rat hole country from whence you came, no?


So please explain to me HOW exactly that is my problem?


OT - How much them tats set you back? You know, those big ones hiding behind your hair.


From the looks of that well stocked bar behind you, I'd say you are doing pretty damn good.




Whippersnapper, get off the computer and do your homework.


You know, that's exactly what we thought!

Of all the stories, this one breaks my heart........ from laughing so hard.

I would have thought there was big demand for vegan chefs, but until you get a job, I'd go for the ferrets.

Yes, couch surfing is a terrible affliction.

Did you really just post that on the internet?

I thought bartender WAS the career path for Womyn's studies.


Proof That “Blame Bush” Is Now Officially “Blame Obama”

October 6th, 2011 No comments

Yet another entry from the Wall Street Website of Tears.  I ask you, what happened in November of 2008?  It’s good to know that some of these 99% are coming to their senses.  


Blame Obama

The Wall Street Protesters’ Website of Tears

September 30th, 2011 36 comments


The Wall Street protesters have a web site called, “We Are The 99 Percent.”   This site permits the supporters and participants of the Wall Street protests (the 99 percent) to submit and publish to the site  handwritten notes of  their own personal hardship stories, apparently all caused by rich corporations.  The idea seems to have been created to generate support for the protesters and to offer insight to the effects of the supposedly injurious behavior by successful corporations and the rich

It appears to me that the  transgressions attributed to Wall Street by some of these people are rather endless and include poor health, bad loans, bankruptcy, credit card debt, huge student loans, no clothing,  hunger, depression, anxiety, single parenthood,  forced adoption, unemployment, foreclosure, taxes, and loss of hope, etc.  Every problem a person could have is blamed on “the rich”  and Wall Street.  Do any of these people take any personal responsibility for their own bad decisions which may have contributed to their situation?

So I will probably get some heat from this, but I am going to post it anyway because maybe it will help some of them to get a different perspective.   I think many of these people don’t seem to understand that the choices we make today, can affect us for many years to come.  Many Americans are hurting and struggling to make ends meet, and some of these stories are truly sad, but some of them just seem like a logical outcome for some really bad decisions.  What do you expect when you take out a school loan for $100,000.00 to earn a degree that will get you $29,000 a year?  Payback is always a bitch, but more so when you only make $29,000 a year.

I do not believe these people should be protesting successful American people and businesses; they should do some serious self-examination and figure out if their own behavior and poor decisions may have contributed to their current predicament.   For the most part, the stories read like a collective whine-fest with the writers complaining about how they have to work for what they want, how they must pay back money they have borrowed, how they have too much anxiety to find a job or keep one.  Come on, now, really?  Grow up.

Now, obviously most people do not have  control over their health problems and I am sorry for anyone dealing with any sickness.  We need to remember that life is hard and bad things do happen, but most bad things are not the result of someone else’s success.

My suggestion to these folks is that instead of writing online anger letters and blocking city streets, they do something constructive like get to know financial guru Dave Ramsey and learn about his philosophy on his website or radio show.  Mr. Ramsey’s specialty is getting people back up and running after tough times such as these.  One could also look for a helping hand at a church, synagogue or community organization, too.  Americans are a good and generous people and will help.

Oh, yeah, maybe they should consider voting  Republican in 2012.


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Duh! Here's a clue: If you can't afford to attend a certain school, then how do you plan on paying for it? Or are "we" supposed to pay for it?


Uh.... this might not be the best time to start a business, seeing as you have no money or collateral.


Yeah, I hate when people have to sell drugs to someone else's kids, so that they can feed their own kids. So unfair.


Well, now that don't seem right. Why don't you change your major?


Your Dad's not too bright then, huh?



Try paying the loans off.


Did you write that all by yourself?