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Anthony Weiner Has A New Mustache

November 26th, 2011 2 comments


I am not sure why this newsworthy, but apparently it is.

Here’s the link to the story at the New York Post, if you want to read it.

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Illinois Middle School Principal Texts Weiner Shot to Intern & Gets A Pay Raise!

November 18th, 2011 1 comment


The stories coming out of our public schools no longer surprise me.  This dude retained his job and was given a bonus within a year AFTER he plead guilty to disgusting text messages, including a Weiner shot.  

Imagine if a student had done that?  Better yet, imagine if a student had merely chased a girl on the playground?  Our selectively politically correct educators would have ensured that such a student be suspended, expelled, blacklisted and probably tarred and feathered!


From The Lake Forester

The revelations about Deer Path Middle School Principal John Steinert, who texted a sexually graphic image and a number of sexually charged messages to a young woman in 2008, have rightly outraged parents and others in Lake Forest.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the texting on his workplace cellphone in 2009. He was reprimanded by the District 67 Board, with his pay temporarily frozen; Distict 67 Superintendent Harry Griffith said the full extent of Steinert’s texts were not known then. It took a newspaper investigation more than two years later to prompt a paid leave — and now, perhaps, termination when the District 67 Board holds a special meeting Sunday at 5 p.m. at the Lake Forest High School West Campus.

A number of questions arise:

• When parts of the 2009 police report requested by District 67 Superintendent Harry Griffith were blacked out, shouldn’t that have raised suspicion or, at least, curiosity about what the principal was doing? Did the district ever try to find out what was really in that report?

The Lake Forester has procured a copy of the original police report. What Steinert was accused of suggesting via text was absolutely disgusting; sending a photo of his penis was beyond disgraceful. The woman, a Lake Forest College student, said she repeatedly asked him to stop. Steinert — who also placed dozens of phone calls to her — did not.

• Why was Steinert, according to the Chicago Tribune, given a bonus of more than $3,000 within a year of his harassment conviction?

• Part of the sentence the court approved in 2009 involved community service — which took place at an athletics club owned by one of Steinert’s subordinates. Why was that allowed? Who thinks a subordinate would enforce that type of work order on his boss?

• What would be the punishment if a Deer Path student sent text messages with the same wording and pictures as the principal’s?

read the rest at the Lake Forester

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