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Beautiful! James of the 53 % Infiltrates the Wall Street Website of Tears

October 12th, 2011 No comments

So someone named James posted his story on the Wall Street Website of Tears.   I can’t vouch that it is legit, and I am not sure why they left it up, because it sort of smacks them down.  If you click over there, be sure to look at the nasty, profane comments left by the  self-proclaimed 99%!  Here’s one gem: 

This kid doesn’t even understand things. Highschoolers are fcking dumb.

 They sure don’t speak for me.  I love what this kid writes.  


A Most Hilarious Update: 

James’ story is no longer available at the Wall Street Website of Tears!  So does this mean it was legit? Good thing The Morning Spew has captured James’ story.


“I am the 53%. I don’t whine.”