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Beautifu Real Women Push Back Against Hollywood Pro-Aborts

October 16th, 2012 No comments

Real women strike back at the  Hollywood Libiots who presume to speak for all women.



From Life

New Ad: Pro-Abortion Hollywood Actresses Don’t Speak for Women

by Steven Ertelt

A pro-life women’s group has released a new web ad responding to a television commercial pro-abortion Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington released yesterday attacking Mitt Romney on abortion.

The pro-abortion commercial, directed by filmmaker Rob Reiner, who produced such classics as When Harry Met Sally, is currently airing in the battleground states of Colorado and Virginia. “Mitt Romney is for ending funding to Planned Parenthood,” Longoria says. Johansson concludes: “Vote for Barack Obama.”

In response to the ad by liberal advocacy group MoveOn, the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) unveiled an ad today which speaks the real voice of women and clarifies the real record of conservatives.


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Ridin’ With Biden Right Down The Political Crapper

September 3rd, 2012 3 comments

Literally, you could not make this up!  It’s like they’ve been let out for a weekend pass.  The amazing thing is that Biden actually tweeted this as if it were a good thing (they could have at least given her a fresh Sharpie).  Check out the crusty chick on the far right, I think she’s holding a pair of socks.  lol.

UPDATE: I got to thinking, the Ridin’ with Biden ladies kinda remind me of Zombies Gals. And then I got to thinking some more, Zombie Gals would most definitely be Ridin’ with Biden (plus they would have a better sign).

Hat Tip via Twitter @LelyaFL1 

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The War By Women

April 18th, 2012 No comments

From She-PAC

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Wall Street Pepper Spray – The Video!

September 29th, 2011 No comments


This video has been making the rounds and is being  offered as  proof from the lefties that the NYPD pepper sprayed innocent bystanders during the ongoing Wall Street protests.   The New York Daily News reports an investigation into the pepper spraying incident has been launched, and  that anonymous protesters have made public the personal information of the police officer they claim sprayed the women.  Here’s the video:



If you watch the video, you can devise your own theories as to what happened.  Here’s what I think might have happened:  I think the police officer in question saw the innocent bystander women as they were being corralled into the portable orange holding pen  by the police officers and he came over to offer the poor victims assistance.

As he approached the shrieking, hysterical women, he noticed an overwhelmingly  strong stench of B.O.  Seeing that the odoriferous women’s beckoning arms were upright and outstretched, the officer logically thought they were presenting their unshaven, stench laden pits to him for a quick spray of  official NYPD deodorant.

In the midst of all the chaos and obviously not thinking clearly, he mistakenly pulled out his pepper spray canister, thinking it was the coveted spray deodorant they so desired.  What happened next is simply a tragic case of a good intention gone wrong.  Although the officer sprayed the deodorant/pepper spray directly into the hirsute pits of the innocent women bystanders, the wind kicked up and all hell broke loose.

In a state of shock,  the  shaken officer re-holsters the spray canister and wanders back aimlessly into the crowd.  Of course, I am not saying this is what happened, but only that this is what could have happened.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video as much as we at The Morning Spew did.  Please feel free to leave your theories as to what you think might have happened in the comments.