A Cry For Help

Hillary continues to cry for help, but she’s still not out of the woods.  From our own dear Fester Boyle: 

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They Told Me Ivanka Was Going To Be Here


billClintonguilty copy

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Bye Felicia: Liberal Hater Tossed From Flight

Unhinged.  Hilarious.  Where’s her pink hat?


“An elderly woman demanded a Donald Trump supporter seated next to her be moved, but she quickly found out that’s not how the world works.

Scott Koteskey, in a window seat, posted video on Saturday showing a woman in the middle seat complaining about him to airline personnel.”

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Read the rest and see more video here.

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Turn Down For H!

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Miracle John Kerry Boneless Rib-Eye Discovered

A beef rib-eye steak bearing the uncanny likeness of Secretary of State John Kerry has been discovered by a man preparing for a backyard barbecue.  The owner of the miraculous meat, who wishes to remain anonymous, reports that at about 7:00 pm this evening he removed a pre-wrapped package of boneless rib-eye steaks (that had fallen off a truck earlier in the day) from his refrigerator.  As the lucky griller unwrapped the errant steaks,  he realized that staring back at him from one of the more oddly shaped steaks was the face of  Secretary of State John Kerry. 

After contacting the news media, the anonymous man hopes to go on tour with his story.  The John Kerry Boneless Rib-Eye will be sent to a government laboratory for authenticity testing and tasting.  



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Hog Tied: The Clinton Media

From .@BlueStateSnooze

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Obama Didn’t Know About It – A New Video

This sums up the Reign of Obama quite nicely.  Another video from the Tweep known as BlueSnoozeBlue 


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There’s A Rat In The Garden

No, really. You’ll have to report it.

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New Hillary Video: Arkansas Badonkadonk

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Amazing Weird Al Floating Orb Trick – You’ve Gotta See This!

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